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The Doro 1380 stands out as a 2G feature phone tailored for individuals who prioritize basic communication needs such as calling, texting, and occasional photography. Its spacious and well-spaced buttons facilitate easy dialing and text input, while the large, clear display ensures comfortable viewing of messages and photos. With its loud and clear sound quality, conversations are effortlessly audible. The inclusion of a built-in assistance button offers added peace of mind for users and their loved ones.

Moreover, the Doro 1380 is equipped with dual-SIM functionality, making it a practical choice for managing two separate numbers within a single device. Its distinct, high-contrast keys enhance confidence during dialing, while the assistance button serves as an additional safety feature, allowing users to quickly alert friends and family when needed.

In terms of storage, the phone offers 8MB of internal memory (with 1MB usable), with the capacity to expand storage up to 16GB via a memory card. It also boasts 8MB of RAM for smooth performance.

Being a 2G device, the Doro 1380 is compatible with most networks, excluding Three, Smarty, or iD Mobile. Additionally, it comes equipped with an FM radio for entertainment and a built-in torch for added convenience in low-light conditions.


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