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Here are some general features and specifications you might expect from the Nokia 105:

1. **Design**: The Nokia 105 typically features a compact and sturdy design, with a small color display and a physical keypad. It’s designed to be durable and easy to use.

2. **Display**: The phone usually comes with a small, non-touch color display, suitable for basic tasks such as viewing text messages and making calls. The display is not high-resolution but serves its purpose for the phone’s intended functionality.

3. **Battery Life**: One of the notable aspects of the Nokia 105 is its long battery life. It usually comes with a removable battery that can last for days on a single charge, making it ideal for users who need a reliable device without worrying about frequent recharging.

4. **Basic Features**: The Nokia 105 typically offers basic features such as phone calls, text messaging (SMS), a calculator, an alarm clock, and a flashlight. It may also include FM radio functionality and basic games.

5. **Storage**: While the storage capacity of the Nokia 105 is modest, it usually provides enough space for storing contacts and text messages. It might also support the use of a microSD card for additional storage for media files.

6. **Connectivity**: The Nokia 105 is primarily a 2G phone, meaning it supports GSM networks for making calls and sending texts. It usually does not support 3G or 4G LTE connectivity, and it lacks features such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

7. **Price**: One of the key selling points of the Nokia 105 is its affordability. It’s typically priced at the lower end of the market, making it accessible to users on a budget or those who prefer a simple phone without the bells and whistles of smartphones.

Overall, the Nokia 105 is a basic and reliable feature phone that offers essential communication functionalities at an affordable price point. It’s designed for users who prioritize durability, long battery life, and simplicity in their mobile devices.


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